First Food

Our little Caden is 4 months old. To us he is the sweetest and most loveable baby on the planet. Its always so interesting how we think "today we can't possibly love him anymore" yet, we wake up the following day loving him much more than we ever imagined. I couldn't be any happier than I am with our pumpkin.
The other day his Nana and aunt Kaitlyn went with us to Walt Disney World. There was only one ride he could not enjoy but he was still a good sport about it. He ate his peas while he waited for his aunt to finish.
Side note...this squirt tried food for the first time!!!

At first he only ate 1/3 of the cup. Then half...and now tonight he ate the whole package of his food. Maybe he just likes squash more than his peas (I sure do).

Back to Disney...
He seemed to have a good time. It was extremely hot, almost had a hurricane, and he still was the greatest child ever. I couldn't have asked for a better baby than him.

We'll be going to Disney again next weekend with some friends and Caden will get to meet his new friend (they will be friends), Shane.
Of course I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting them here.

Garden Day

This afternoon we got ready and all of us traveled to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens. Of course Caden wasn't able to ride anything but the rest of us had a good time. 
Caden got to see his lion friend again along with this hyena! 
And of course we jut had I wear the silly hats! 
Caden always sucking his fingers!

RJ and I got to feed the Kangaroos! 

4 Months

Today Caden turned 4 months.
He's only getting bigger and bigger.
It's amazing to see this little guy grow and change right before my eyes.
We love him more each and every day.

He loves to play with his toes, laughs, became a thumb sucker and almost says "hi". He weighs 16 pounds now! He copies facial expressions, mumbles, rolls over both ways and smiles up a storm. He has gotten so strong that it impressed his dad and I.

I can't wait to see how much he will change this next upcoming month. Normal days I don't seem him growing and progressing until I look back at his monthly update pictures and I'm amazed at this little boy.

Engagement Day

Tonight my close friends got engaged. Carli, whom I've known for 14 years and Johnny I met 8 years ago. 
He had called me a few weeks ago and told me everything and all the plans. I went over to the church where the proposal was happening and helped decorate. 
And of corse Caden had to have fun as well with all the big kids. In between his Nana an great grandparents watching him, he had fun in the church's bouncer. 
At this point she was getting to the church and everyone had to hide to surprise her. We set up hidden cameras to see her reaction when she said yes but I wasn't able to get a picture of her reaction. Everyone was able to see the proposal through FaceTime via the hidden phones that were set up. We all jumped out after to congratulate them. 

And of course Caden had to get into the party a well, so he got a balloon to hold. 

Caden sees Nana

Grandpa drove us to see my mom and your nana today. You slept most of the ride (3 hours) and now you're wide awake past bedtime. We saw a few people tonight and you were super happy about it. You wouldn't stop smiling.
After we got home you got a bath because you smelt like throw up, stinky boy. You always like to bathe in the sink. It's almost as if it's a game for you to see how much of a wet mess you can make.
And I got to hold your aunt Kaitlyns pet snake. You cried so I guess you're like daddy and hated it. Don't worry, mommy didn't put it anywhere near you. 
Currently I'm feeding you trying to get you to go to bed. It's 3 hours past your bedtime. Good night, pumpkin. I hope you sleep through the night in your pack crib. I know it's different but remember I'm sleeping right beside you. If you need me, just holler.

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