Caden sees Nana

7:11 PM


Grandpa drove us to see my mom and your nana today. You slept most of the ride (3 hours) and now you're wide awake past bedtime. We saw a few people tonight and you were super happy about it. You wouldn't stop smiling.
After we got home you got a bath because you smelt like throw up, stinky boy. You always like to bathe in the sink. It's almost as if it's a game for you to see how much of a wet mess you can make.
And I got to hold your aunt Kaitlyns pet snake. You cried so I guess you're like daddy and hated it. Don't worry, mommy didn't put it anywhere near you. 
Currently I'm feeding you trying to get you to go to bed. It's 3 hours past your bedtime. Good night, pumpkin. I hope you sleep through the night in your pack crib. I know it's different but remember I'm sleeping right beside you. If you need me, just holler.

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