Disney Day

8:46 PM

Dear Caden,
Daddy had planned today to be a little different than what actually happened. We were going to meet his cousins for lunch and that was all because dad had to work. Well, grandpa and I decided to take you do Disney instead.

 The rest of the post are Snapchats I've sent out. I really need to learn to take better pictures for you so you can see what we were doing when you get older.
The first thing we took you to was Animal Kingdom so grandpa could see an old friend that he hasn't seen since our wedding.
 After about an hour there, we went to meet the rest of the family at Wilderness Lodge which is one of mommy's favorite resorts. You seemed to really like it there also. You looked at everything and seemed very happy. The cousins liked you also.

 When that was over, daddy had to go off to work. Grandpa and I decided to take you to Magic kingdom and show you some things. You have been there before but theres always something new to do and see there.
 The first ride we took you on was the Carousel of Progress which is one of grandpas favorite rides. You sat through about 2 minuets of it and wouldn't stop crying. We walked out of the theater and made the ride E-stop then were told we had to wait till the ride was completely over next time. See what trouble you cause us, buddy.
We tried again with a different ride, The People Mover. Fun fact, daddy tried to kiss me for the first time on this ride. It didn't work though. You actually sat though the whole ride and did't cry once. You watched everything happen and were curious to see what was going on.
 So naturally we tried to take you on another ride, which was the normal carousel and you hated it. You wouldn't stop yelling at us. We tried to make you happy but nothing worked. Of course, we couldn't just hop off of this ride so we had to wait till it was over. Then you were happy again.
We tried to do one last ride with you before it was time to feed you again. We chose the Country Bears Jamboree. You slept through the beginning and woke up after a few songs. I think you liked the music.
Leaving the theater, there was a flash mob of dancing country bears. Grandpa and I have never seen that before. It was actually pretty fun to watch.
 After feeding you we wanted to take you on one last ride before we left. We chose the train ride. It was getting a little cloudy out but we took the chance hoping it wouldn't rain. We left your stroller at Main Street. Of course it did start poring through. We had to get off the train half way across the park at Frontierland. You didn't like it and started crying again. We had to wait under shelter near Pirates of the Caribbean to wait for the rain to stop. After we quickly got on a monorail and left.

We went straight to daddy's  restaurant and ate there. You were sleeping so I bet you didn't even realize who was talking to you tonight. Now you're sound asleep in your bedroom. Sweet dreams, little one.

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