First Food

7:06 PM

Our little Caden is 4 months old. To us he is the sweetest and most loveable baby on the planet. Its always so interesting how we think "today we can't possibly love him anymore" yet, we wake up the following day loving him much more than we ever imagined. I couldn't be any happier than I am with our pumpkin.
The other day his Nana and aunt Kaitlyn went with us to Walt Disney World. There was only one ride he could not enjoy but he was still a good sport about it. He ate his peas while he waited for his aunt to finish.
Side note...this squirt tried food for the first time!!!

At first he only ate 1/3 of the cup. Then half...and now tonight he ate the whole package of his food. Maybe he just likes squash more than his peas (I sure do).

Back to Disney...
He seemed to have a good time. It was extremely hot, almost had a hurricane, and he still was the greatest child ever. I couldn't have asked for a better baby than him.

We'll be going to Disney again next weekend with some friends and Caden will get to meet his new friend (they will be friends), Shane.
Of course I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting them here.

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