Moving Issues

3:36 PM

This is a more personal post. Caden's grandpa is moving in with us today. He actually surprised us by showing up last night. This morning we came to a startling realization that he actually isn't allowed to move here according to our apartment. How lovely, right? He travels perhaps 10 hours to be here and nope. Now it's a long story that I won't get into here although I will say they handled the situation extremely poorly and not caring if he ends up homeless. Now with that being said, we have looked into moving today but the apartment we currently reside in has ruined that chance.
Basically, now we need to be creative and see other options.
The boys (my husband, his best friend and, his dad) are at a storage unit that was bought a few hours ago trying to unload the moving truck because it needs to be returned.
Not that anyone reading this probably cares to hear this frustrating story...but this is a story for Caden to later hear about. Given that we probably will forget years from now.

*Dear Caden,
You were a good sport through all this. The rude ladies at the office only acted nice around you. Grandpa is here to spend time with you. Although everyone was extremely tense and upset about the situation you still continued to smile and make everyone around you happy. You are my sunshine at this point. We love you.

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