How to Make Play-Dough

Is it just me or does anyone else absolutely hate the smell of normal play dough? I find it sickening. Then it sticks to everything and dries up quickly. I've created my own version that probably is cheaper, smells better, and I bet you already have the stuff to make it already in your home.
You only need hair conditioner and corn starch. It's really that simple.

I used 1/2 cup conditioner and 1 cup of corn starch. So basically 1 part conditioner and 2 parts corn starch depending on how much you'd like.

*Add more conditioner if its a little dry and more corn starch if it becomes sticky.

My conditioner smells like vanilla and lavender. Of course thats an odd smelling dough but its all I had. I recommend that cheaper is better for this but that was all I had.

I slowly added the corn starch until it was evenly mixed. Think about adding flour to cookie dough. Its much easier to slowly add it than it is to dump the whole cup into the batch. 

To make it more kid friendly I added food coloring. 

I only did 3 drops but I'm sure you can add more. I wasn't sure if it would end up staining mine or my sons hands blue. 

Caden was napping so I didn't get a chance to show him playing with it. Maybe I'll add more pictures of that later in a different post. 

Update: He woke up and I got his little face playing with the new discovery.

Tom Sawyer Island

This past weekend our family and another family took a trip to Walt Disney World.
We stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and ate dinner at Maya Grill all thanks to my wonderful husband. In the morning we got breakfast and went straight to Animal Kingdom. We rode Mt. Everest and Kilimanjaro Safari. Caden cried most of the time on Safari but he quickly smiled after he got fed. We jumped on the monorail and headed over to Magic Kingdom, which already had their fall/Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween decorations up. In between waiting for our next fast-pass to become active, we took a little raft over to Tom Sawyer Island. Shane, our friends one year old, seemed to love playing around. Below I have a few pictures from the Island and a few more from our trip as well.
This was our hotel room. It was really nice. RJ told us this was the updated rooms. I never saw the old ones but this one was surely something I'd like to stay in again.

Day outfit

Dinner Outfit

Off to Magic Kingdom (the next day)

Looking at the Island 

Inside the cave

So I have a funny story about this sign. Inside the fort, there were different sets of stairs that led up into the fort above, 3 to be exact, except I saw 4. Sam, AJ and their son Shane asked where RJ went and  told them up into the fort. They went down the only stairs that didn't go up to where he was. I assumed they would all meet up in the fort but I was very wrong. Rj came out and asked where they went. I pointed to the set of stairs and he gets worried. "Thats the escape tunnel! They are headed off the island!" oops. So he ran down the stairs and we went through the tunnel to find them. It was a lot of fun to find the mysteries of the island. 

This was on Big Thunder Mountain. It was actually the very first ride we ever rode together. We went even dating yet though. 

Excuse the bad angle but this was on Aladden's Magic Carpet ride. The only ride where both our families could ride together. 

That was the end of our trip. I can't wait to see them again and hopefully have more family vacations.


Our little family went shopping today just to get out of the house. RJ also was looking at some new work clothes he could possibly get. We stumbled across this gallery of wonderful. The second I stepped inside I knew we must have everything. Of course it was way out of our budget but I loved it regardless. 
Now I consider this the inspiration for our future home whenever that will be. The man told us everyone can afford a little luxury...he obviously doesn't know us to well. It was nice to dream for 5 minuets though. 

Becoming Fall

I know it technically Fall time yet, but I'm getting to excited. Fall is my favorite season.
The smell of cinnamon, leaves, pumpkin and apples. I know it starts September 23rd, but I thought I'd get a little head start.
Caden is going to be my little helper today and show us fall.
He's taken some of our self decorations and made them his toys for a little while I took his picture.
Fun fact, these PJ's were meant to be for Halloween since they have little pumpkins on the feet, but we tried them on today and they fit! This is a 6 month size. wow.

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