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You may or may not know, but I used to have a YouTube channel. 
I still have the same channel but I've (or should I say we've) changed it a little. 
I deleted all my old videos and we have decided to make different content.
As Caden grows, we want to show him the things we did as a family.
Pictures are nice. 
Videos are just a little better. 
We are slowly trying to hit the record button a little more to show grown-up Caden all the things we have done as a family. 
I'm not doing this for the views but only as a little time capsule to look back on. 
We publicly open up our family time to show anyone else who is interested. 
We hope you enjoy watching our little family grow. 

Our YouTube channel name is - Kiste Family 
(Just search is in the search bar)


Below I have linked a few of our videos:
Disney Quest and Mini Golf

Corn Maze, pumpkin patch and decorating pumpkin cookies

Caden first time to LegoLand

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